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The past year, our concept of reality took a back seat and the whole world was put on pause due to COVID-19. We have all felt the effects of COVID for fear of not knowing what the future may look like due to the pandemic. For graduating seniors at California State University Northridge, this fear is becoming more of a reality as graduation comes closer.

With over 12,000 seniors, many CSUN students feel the wave of anxiety due to the uncertainty after graduation during a global pandemic. …

There is one quote that An Xiao Mina said in the video that stood out to me. She said “I often think that the memes that have a larger impact on society create a narrative viewpoint that allows for bloggers, journalists, news commentators, politicians and others to continue that discourse, and then it becomes amplified.” There wasn’t really a meme I thought of during the interview because there wasn’t one that came to mind. However, what I did learn about getting beyond our “filter bubbles” and using social media to learn about different communities is that in order to learn more beyond the bubble, we will need to continuously keep an open mind as journalists.

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In Despite Pandemic Morton East Seniors Make Best of Graduation, the author does a great job in making the article easy to consume and read. I enjoy seeing photos and reading a short story about each on how the seniors tried to make the best of their graduation during the pandemic.

I also liked the LA Times article These students vowed to change immigration laws a decade ago. Where are they now? It has an interesting video to go along with the article that already has photos. In addition, we see each person tell their stories.

To my knowledge, I…

The area where Echo Park is on the Census that I am profiling is East Central/Silver Lake, Echo Park & Westlake. Below are some data sets and key elements

Medium income

The medium income in East Central/Silver Lake, Echo Park & Westlake is $55,846, according to As for the per capita income, it is $32,202. That is a significant difference, as shown below.


Ethnic/Racial breakdown

50% of the population is male and 50% of the population is female.

57% of the population are identified as Hispanic. 17% are identified as Asian. 19% are identified as White. 5% are identified as Black. 2% identify…

I had just turned three when my family and I migrated from El Salvador to Echo Park, California. I grew up there for most of my childhood, from pre-kindergarten to middle school. Many of the kids like myself in my area would attend a certain elementary school, so it was normal to see classmates at the Hispanic market called La Guadalupana or even walking to school. When I would be home, all the kids at my apartment would knock on each other’s door, and we would play in the hallway. …

Gabriela Hernandez

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